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Welcome to Pitman Family Services.

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At Pitman Family Services we hope in some way to be helpful to individuals and families who are trying to find ethical places on the web.

Our goal is to have a place for families to come to that will enhance and strengthen their lives together as a family. We promise to do our best to offer only Family-Friendly material and sites for you to explore.

We wanted a place that was family safe, but more than that. In building this site, We are trying to keep in mind web pages we have been to that helped our family in one way or another. I suppose you could say that we are building this site for us as much as others. We envision, someday, of having a one-stop place for families to come for the help and growth they need.

We hope that your family will be able to find something here to help you in your walk through this life together.

We have heard so many people say that they are afraid of the internet for one reason or another. That should never be. Yes, there is a lot of "bad guys" out there, but isn't that true offline. For example, if we need a new roof, do we decide to do without putting on a new roof because we know there are crooked contractors out there. Of course not. We do our due diligence to find a reputable contractor. Same with the internet.

To save you some time and help introduce this incredible way of shopping and hunting for information, we are trying to find the reputable companies for you. There is so much great information and some really fantastic people on the net that it would be a shame if you shied away from it because of a few bad apples.

Our website is a work in progress, just like our daily lives. We will be adding and changing things daily, so check back often. I will do my best to only have places to go that are honest and have integrity.

With that in mind, I have partnered with Shareasale and Avantlink to help me find merchants that have that honesty and integrity. They are affiliate networks that only allow merchants and affiliates who agree not to use parasiteware, spyware, or any other unethical program or practice. We can trust them not to add anything to our computers that is harmful. Most of our merchants are from these networks. When we find other sites with the same high ethics, we add them.

Being an affiliate of these merchants, I do get compensated when you buy from them, if you went to their site from my site. This is how I get the money to maintain this directory.

Please let me know if there are any broken links or anything you have found that might help out our other visitors! Your suggestions will be not only appreciated, but welcomed.

email: family@pitmanfamilyservices.net

You can feel safe surfing our site. We will not have pop-ups on our site. We will try to find the best places for you to find all that you are searching for without putting anything on your computer to track your comings and goings. We are always family-friendly.

On our Home Page, you will find the entrance to our growing directory of family-friendly websites. We also will include some of our best specials, rebates, coupons, and discounts.

As always, your feedback is most important to us.

Please Help us Help Your Family.

Thanks for visiting!